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Welcome to Elbert County

Elbert County is located on 374 square miles of rolling hills, and lies on the South Carolina border. As of 2012, Elbert County has a population of 20,500.The County is bound on three sides by five different counties: Hart, Lincoln, Madison, Oglethorpe, and Wilkes.



Elbert County was established in 1790 when it was divided from Wilkes County. Today, the county is known for various attractions including granite monuments and colonial homes. Elbert County is also home to the Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course, Richard B. Russell and Clark's Hill lakes, and, of course, the 20,000-seat Granite Bowl, home of the Elbert County Blue Devils. As the industrial center of Northeast Georgia, Elbert County is a prosperous, growing community boasting an economy as solid as they come - the area's granite monument production accounts for one-third of total production nationwide.

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The Rock Gym, located in Elbert County, is currently being restored. The Rock Gym was built in 1941 and was used as an armory. In 2003 the gym was slated to be demolished. However, after much opposition from citizens the gym was saved and put on the National Register for Historic Places. Below is a current photo of the progress. This is a side view of the gym.


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